Vol 3, No 2 (2013)

Aboagora: The Human Machine

Table of Contents


Aboagora 2013: The Human Machine PDF
Ruth Illman 1-2


The disappearing human–machine divide PDF
Kevin Warwick 3-15
Tracking social rhythms of the heart: from dataism to art PDF
Veera Mustonen, Mika Pantzar 16-21
Time, space, and the new media machine of the terrorphone PDF
John Armitage 22-25
Social media: implications for everyday life, politics and human agency PDF
Mia Lövheim, André Jansson, Susanna Paasonen, Johanna Sumiala 26-37
Developing twenty-first century skills: insights from an intensive interdisciplinary workshop Mosaic of Life PDF
Tamara Milosevic, Alice Della Penna 38-43

Concluding Statement

The Human Machine at the Aboagora Symposium PDF
Anna Haapalainen 44

ISSN: 1799-3121