Vol 4, No 2 (2014)

Third Finnish Colloquium of Middle East and North African Studies

Editors: Dr. Ari Kerkkänen & Dr. Ruth Illman

Table of Contents


Concord, Conflict and Co-Existence: religion and society in the Middle East and North Africa PDF
Ari Kerkkänen, Ruth Illman 1


In the Footsteps of Bagira: ethnicity, archaeology, and ‘Iron I ethnic Israel’ PDF
Raz Kletter 2-15
Ethnicity and 'the Myth of the Reborn Nation': investigations in collective identity, monotheism and the use of figurines in Yehud during the Achaemenid period PDF
Izaak de Hulster 16-24
Jesus' Entry into Jerusalem PDF
Juho Sankamo 25-36
Jesus the Victimizer? PDF
Lauri Thuren 37-50
A Sacred Landscape: an enquiry into the 'cubas' of southern Portugal PDF
Luís Duarte Ferro 51-9
The Role of the Temple Mount / Al-Haram Al-Sharif in the Deterioration of Muslim–Jewish Relations PDF
Moshe Ma'oz 60-70
Strategic Engagement and Religious Peace-building: a case study of religious peace work in Jerusalem PDF
Yvonne Margaretha Wang 71-82
Islamic Feminism: transnational and national reflections PDF
Mulki Mohamed Al-Sharmani 83-94
Arab revolts and 'Civil State': a new term for old conflicts between Islamism and secularism PDF
Barbara De Poli 95-104
Hezbollah's Military Intervention in Syria: political choice or religious obligation? PDF
Armenak Tokmajyan 105-12
Political Parties and the Production of Islam-Secularism Cleavage in Turkey PDF
Toni Aleksi Alaranta 113-24
Secular and Religious Environmentalism in Contemporary Turkey PDF
Laura Wickström 125-40


Remaking the City: Archaeological Projects of Political Import in Jerusalem's Old City and in the Village of Silwan PDF
Anna Veeder, Yonathan Mizrachi 141-7

ISSN: 1799-3121