Vol 1, No 2 (2011)

Aboagora: Rethinking Enlightenment

Table of Contents


Aboagora - Between Arts and Sciences PDF
Ruth Illman pp. 1-2

Introductory Statement

Rethinking the Enlightenment PDF
Yehuda Elkana pp. 3-6

Rethinking the Notion of Culture

Rethinking the Enlightenment, or thinking the Enlightenment for the first time PDF
Jean-Louis Fabiani pp. 7-11
The Enlightenment: A century on its way to multiculturalism PDF
Virpi Luoma pp. 12-13
The moving and shifting concept of culture PDF
Helmi Järviluoma-Mäkelä pp. 14-16

Eighteenth-Century Enlightenment and Its Heritage

Luxury and the diversity of the Age of Enlightenment PDF
Niklas Pietilä pp. 17-19
Darkness as a metaphor in the historiography of the Enlightenment PDF
Janne Tunturi pp. 20-25
Lhitage des Lumies: The Enlightenment as an unfinished and morally demanding project PDF
Charlotta Wolff pp. 26-30
The search for happiness in the eighteenth century and today PDF
Hanna Talikka pp. 31-32
Friedrich Schlegels early Romantic notion of religion in relation to two presuppositions of the Enlightenment PDF
Asko Nivala pp. 33-45
The critics of false culture: On the Finnish reception of the Enlightenment PDF
Heli Rantala pp. 46-48

Concluding Statement

Dare to know, dare to tell, dare to play PDF
Helga Nowotny pp. 49-53


Reflections PDF
Ruth Behar, Björn Vikström, Hannu Salmi, Ruth Illman pp. 54-61

ISSN: 1799-3121