Book Review:Animals in China - Law and Society

  • Shih-Yun Wu Law School, University of Eastern Finland


The book Animals in China - Law and Society, written by Professor Deborah Cao, was published in August 2015 by Palgrave Macmillan as part of its Animal Ethics Series. The book is composed of eight chapters, written in English. In addition to the comprehensive introduction of the traditional role of animals and their legal status under the Chinese philosophical discourses and ancient legal regimes, it covers all the key areas of controversial animal issues in China in recent years, including wildlife, companion animals, fur animals, lab animals and other working animals, and it is the first comprehensive research monograph on the subject. 

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Shih-Yun Wu, Law School, University of Eastern Finland
Shih-Yun Wu has LLB and Master of Veterinary Science degree (MVSc),currently she is a student in law school, University of Eastern Finland, specializing in animal law. 
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