The UN-iversalization of Animal Welfare Law

  • Sabine Brels


Advancing the protection of animal beings is becoming a universal mission in this early twenty-first century. A few years ago, animal welfare was knocking at the door of the United Nations (UN). Today, it is entering this door. Animal lawyers and protectionists are working to support the full inclusion of animal welfare concerns into the agenda of the UN and its organizations, and to create a new UN-iversal regime. The protection of animal beings, long a missing piece of the international law puzzle, seems likely soon to take its place as a UN objective, alongside protection of human beings and the environment.

In this paper, the evolution of animal welfare law from the national level to the UN level is traced. The evidence that the subject is of growing interest and concern at the UN is briefly reviewed until showing that animal welfare is becoming a new UN objective. Overall, the case is made that animal welfare law is UN-iversalizing.

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