Romanska förflyttningar i tid och rum

Några exempel från kyrkor på Gotland

  • Evert Lindkvist


Romanesque Movements in Time and Place. Some examples from Churches on Gotland

The reliefs on walls, portals and baptismal fonts on and in the Mediaeval Gotlandic stone churches offer important information about the time and the society in which they were created. Details in certain images are difficult to interpret as illustrating only biblical texts and should probably be considered as having a double meaning involving not only religious themes but also various references to contemporary historical events. These images may be related to the Cistercian abbey in Roma and the powerful social groups in Gotland society engaged in warfare and church politics. This article deals with the visualization of Mediaeval travel and movement, especially pilgrimage, and links between different times and places, from the Adoration of the Magi to contemporary pilgrimage and crusades.

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